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Located in the heart of Dresden, Kimberly’s One-of-a-Kind offers one-stop shopping for painted furniture, home decor items, vintage finds, unique gifts, and supplies for your own up-cycling projects. The business is owned and operated by Kimberly Reid, with the help of her husband Marc, and her father Ron White, a semi-retired cabinet maker and furniture finisher. Kimberly began up-cycling and selling furniture pieces on consignment and from her home and workshop in Wabash, an historic former schoolhouse (itself an ongoing up-cycling project) affectionately named PeaceAcre. In early 2018 she opened a store in rented space at Connie’s Country Store in Dresden under the name Kim’s Refines, establishing a viable retail outlet for her finds and projects. Later that year, Kimberly and Marc had the opportunity to purchase their current location at 444 St. George St. in Dresden’s historic commercial core, a nineteenth-century property listed in the Chatham-Kent Municipal Heritage Register. With its local historical significance and Italianate and Renaissance Revival architectural features, the Reids knew they had found the perfect location for Kimberly’s One-of-a-Kind, which opened for business in January of 2019. As the Christmas gift-giving season approaches, you’ll want to check out the ever-changing selection of unique pieces at Kimberly’s One-of-a-Kind. Kimberly also offers a full line of Fusion Mineral Paint and supplies for creating your own personalized gifts and decor. Store hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturday from 10 to 3. THE CHATHAM-KENT MUNICIPAL HERITAGE REGISTER Historical Significance: This commercial block was the core of nineteenth century Dresden. It was where most of the town’s goods and services were purchased. The block would have included grocery, hardware, men's/ladies’ wear stores among other things. Few blocks in Chatham-Kent have more collective historical significance than this one. Architectural Significance/Description: This group of buildings include a number of styles and interesting details. However, Italianate and Renaissance Revival architectural features are the most dominant. The arched windows, cornices, brackets, dentil and quoin brick work are among the best examples used on a commercial block in the municipality.

Oct. 25, 2019